First 2 weeks have come and gone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm feeling very blessed as my daughter passes her 2 week mark. It was weird this afternoon when I was changing her clothes and discovered that an outfit that she wore shortly after she got home, which was way too large, is now fitting her. In the period of about a week, she's already grown noticeably larger. It sort of makes me sad, because I'm realizing how fast she's going to grow, but it also makes me excited. There are so many cool things that she is going to learn, even in just the next few weeks and months.

Ever since Lydia was born, we have had so much help and so many people caring about us, that it is almost overwhelming. My mom, Tyler's mom, Sister Olive, and my sister have all been so kind and helpful. I've really appreciated all their help. It was weird to have people helping me because I've never needed it before, but I did need it, and I'm glad that there are people in my life who were so willing to do all that they did for me.

Lydia is absolutely adorable. She has the sweetest cry and expressions. I love it when she looks around and is alert. I also worry about her a lot. I used to think that moms that would pick up their babies at every peep were chumps, but now I understand the temptation. I hate just letting her cry, although I do it when it's necessary. I also find myself constantly checking on her when she's asleep to make sure she's still alive. I hope this worry goes away soon, but I have a feeling it won't for a while.

Although having a newborn has been very difficult and recovering from a C-section wasn't the most painless of ordeals, it is completely worth it all for her. I'm excited that she's here and a part of our family, and I'm really looking forward to experiencing all of the events of her life that are coming.

This is a picture I just took of her after I wrote this. She's sleeping in the boppy pillow on the couch on a blanket that Sister Blaylock made for us:


LoganIsAwesome said...

oh wow. i think i am overwhelmed by the cuteness of that picture

Becky said...

she looks so sweet Megan. I am glad that you have so many people to help you. You guys were a big help and support to us when Tyler was born and I just wish we were there to help you out now! The worrying about whether or not they are alive at night goes away after a while, but sometimes I still go in just to check... I wonder when it entirely goes away!

Becky said...

Lydia is very cute. We'll plan a trip down to visit her when things calm down for you. I felt the same way about my c-section. I was just glad that we were all alive and well. Chuck and I still joke about this old nurse at the hospital that yelled at me that I had to get out of bed and walk around only 24 hrs after my c-section, telling me that if I didn't I'd get an infection and die. It didn't matter to her that if felt like my guts were going to spill out.

RSnow said...

Great picture. She is so cute. I look forward to seeing her in October.