Valentines and Other Stuff

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So today Tyler and I made and decorated Valentines cookies. The cookies didn't turn out very well, and neither did the frosting. We didn't have much to work with, but we did try. Here are the results.

This first picture was mine. I tried to make mine look the best they could... which isn't that good.

These next ones are Tyler's. He didn't try at all. In fact, he tried to make them look crappy. The one on the bottom is called "diseased kidney."

Here is what the rest of them looked like.

Happy Valentine's Day!

New Blog

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've started a new blog that is all about my couponing exploits. I figured that it wasn't really something I needed to talk about on our family blog, so I started this new one. My site is This one is also a public blog, so no permissions are needed!

Battle of Wills

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last night, Lydia and I had an intense battle of wills. Lately she's been incredibly clingy to me. She won't let me put her down without crying and wants to be held all the time. Well, I finally decided that it was time she learn that I'm not going to come pick her up every time she cries. I put her in her baby swing and she started to whine, but I ignored it. Then she started to cry, but I ignored it. Then she started to do her furious cry, and still I ignored it. Forty-five minutes later, she calmed down (still in her swing) and sucked on her fist. Whenever I looked over at her she was giving me the meanest look I've ever seen her give. I won though, and hopefully she learned something. I also hope that she doesn't realize how hard it was to let her cry for that long. She's a stubborn little six-month-old.

Lyddie's First Teeth

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lydia's first two teeth finally broke through a couple of days ago after about a month of whining. We were hoping that her bad mood was just her teething, and it appears it was. She only got one day of respite, though, because now she's sick with a cold. Poor kid. I don't really have any pictures of them yet, because they aren't very tall and kind of hard to see, but when they grow a little more, I'll post a picture.

I Just Had to Brag

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ok, so yesterday I went shopping and without the help of blogs or anything, got a few amazing deals:

Lipstick: $10- $2 Coupon- $10 Rebate= $2 Moneymaker
Foundation: $10- $1 Coupon- $10 Rebate= $1 Moneymaker
Total: $3.00 Moneymaker

Sippy Cup: $4.49- ($.75 Coupon Doubled= $1.50 Coupon)= $2.99
Baby Snack: $2.25- $.75 Coupon = $.1.50
Baby Juice: $2.29- ($.75 Coupon Doubled= $1.50 Coupon)= $.79
-$5.00 off Baby Supplies Store Coupon
Quaker Snacks: 2/$5- (2 $1.00 Coupons Doubled = $4.00 Coupon)= $1.00

So, for the whole day, I bought $39.03 worth of stuff made 64 cents. I love couponing!