Just Catching Up

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The last few weeks have been some adventurous ones for us, mostly because of the start of the new semester. I'm taking a class and Tyler is taking several, which makes it fun for Lydia. I have class 3 days a week and have to bring Lydia up to campus and drop her off with Tyler and then pick her up an hour later after my class. This wouldn't be so bad, except that it's right during her nap time. She's been growing a ton and has now reached over 13 lbs! That still puts her below the 25th percentile, but it's definitely an improvement and she continues to gain at a good pace. Other than growth, she's been learning a lot. She likes to play with her hands and feet. She can successfully suck on her toes, which she usually attempts when I'm changing her diaper. She also recently learned how to make noises and yells all the time. Happy yells mostly, but it sounds like Tarzan. My least favorite thing that she's been doing lately is being really clingy to me. She won't let me put her down without crying and hardly lets anyone else hold her, even Tyler. This makes it difficult on both of us and I'm trying to figure out how often I need to pick her up when she does that. It's my first try at basic discipline and I'm already confused.

Classes for Tyler and I are going fine. Because I'm only taking the one, there's not a ton of homework that I have to do. I can usually knock it out in one day. Tyler, however, is constantly doing homework. Right now we're trying to come up with our game plan for applying to medical school, which we do this summer. It's already starting to be a stressful adventure and I can't wait for it to be over.

Other than that, I'm continuing with couponing and trying to keep my house clean. It seems like as soon as I get one room exactly how I want it, all the others get messy. I'm shooting for a 100% clean house by this weekend, but we'll see.

Here are a few pictures of Lydia I've taken in the last few weeks.


Brigette Little said...

I'm still shooting for a 100% clean house - don't feel bad about that one!

Clinginess is pretty normal at her age. She's learning and beginning to see herself as a separate person and needs a little extra security. Just hold her and love her - the more secure she feels, the sooner she'll branch out on her own. (Of course, Tyler can do that, too. Even if she protests a bit...) Glad to hear she's growing and doing well!

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