Grand Announcement

Monday, February 15, 2010

As Meagan already mentioned, there are several reasons we’ve had for not keeping up with our web log site. We’re sorry about that. In fact, one of our readers chastised me earlier for not being sure to keep them up on the elements that make up our lives. While I’m still not certain that “Hey! You didn’t post any pictures of your child taking a bath!” is a legitimate offense, we do aim to please.

I write today with a bit of news. As it turns out, Meagan and I are expecting a new addition to the family. The TBA son/daughter should be arriving around September 4. We are now accepting congratulations in the form of gift cards, cash, and foodstuffs. Also, iPods.

So, let’s consider this the official press release. The rumors you’ve heard are true. The Severson Family is working on developing the next generation of child. Features are expected to include ten fingers, ten toes, fully-functional organs (including appendix and gallbladder*) and an IQ surpassing all human children** produced to date***. Release date expected to be September 4.

The Severson Baby: Next – Everything you’ve come to expect from a Severson Baby, swaddled in one adorably convenient package.

*Optional; may be removed at convenience of user

**Excepting other Severson Children, who are a proud demonstration of the pinnacle of genetics you’ve come to expect from the Severson Family

***Rumors of this feature may be slightly exaggerated; updates to follow through product development


Tianna said...

Hahaha! And this is why you should post more often. Because I laugh myself silly when you do.

Cindy O said...

Word! (Callan's been teaching me the correct usage - do I pass the test?!)