It's 95% Certain That It's A Girl!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Or at least 95% certain that it lacks man parts.

Apparently ultrasound results for the ladyfolk are more difficult to read than for the gents. As such, our doctor wouldn't give us better than a 95% chance that the fetus is a girl.

But we're pretty sure it's a girl.


The visit to the doctor went very well. Despite being all kinds of bulgy, Meagan has still only put on three pounds from her original weight. I'm personally pretty confused about this, and have since decided that the law of conservation of mass is, in fact, bunk.

The ultrasound was good. The baby looks pretty creepy...I mean, the ultrasound doesn't really differentiate between skin and bone, so the first thing we see is this creepy skull-face looking out at us. I mean...ahh! It was pretty funky. Big empty eye sockets with little teeth...

As such, the child is currently nicknamed "Skeletor."

The baby put its (her?) hand up against the womb, as though to tell us to bugger off...or to give us a high five. Either way, I have great desires to edit this photo so that only the middle finger is extended, but Meagan thinks this in poor taste. I think she's crazy.

On the upside, there are five fingers, at least on that hand. So far, so good.

After the ultrasound, in a way that I'm almost certain was symbolic in some form or another, we ate hot dogs. I personally suggested that we go to Taco Bell, but this idea was met with scorn.

So, with that, we are, I suppose, accepting all forms of charitable donations that are oriented toward female childrens. We are also willing to hear decent names (though I'm personally pretty darned set on Lydia. I've just fallen in love with that name). So...hit us with your best shot.


Krista said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys! Little girls are the best and I think Lydia is a great name!

Britt said...

Congrats! I thought it'd be a girl, and if I turn out wrong at the last second I'm still going to buy it pink. Also, I'm glad your baby has 5 fingers.

Callan said...

So there's this lady at my work who is due like 3 days before you. Her tummy is like, pregnant looking. So I figure, yours looks like that! As much as I am confident this is the case, I wouldn't mind my theory being verified by some pregnant Meagan photoage. Seriously. It's time. hehe

Jason said...

Congratulations! Secondly, I am a firm believer in conservation of mass. Conservation of energy however...

Katya said...

Eleanor, Lucy, Sadie . . . you get the idea.