Lydia's Personality

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lydia is a stubborn little girl who knows exactly what she wants. Recently, she's started whining a lot. Not crying, exactly, but almost a sort of moaning cry. She doesn't like it when things happen to her that just aren't fair, like those mean hiccups. Whenever she's happy and I leave her sight for more than two or three minutes, she'll begin to cry. She has to have attention or she's not a happy camper. She's also recently started being very very picky about the temperature of her bottle. She's never had problems switching between breastfeeding and the bottle, so I thought we were in the safe zone, but now if her bottle gets even slightly cool, she refuses it. The problem is, physics won't allow it to stay within her acceptable temperature range. About 2 ounces into her bottle, she'll stop drinking it and I have to reheat it before she'll take anymore. My instincts tell me to not reheat it, because I don't want her to learn that she can be that picky. Because of her weight problems, though, I have to cater to this little whim. It's no fun being slave to a 2 month old, but she's so darn cute, I guess I'll make it through.

Here's a video I took a few days back. She's recently started to try rolling over. She's succeeded a few times from tummy to back, but I think it was accidental because she was throwing a tantrum at the time. Back to tummy is a little bit more tricky though. I think this video also has a good example of her whiny cry.