MCAT and Guitar playing

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Thursday, Tyler took the MCAT. I thought I would semi-document it:

This was where we did some last minute "cramming" outside the place where the test was. Lydia enjoyed playing in the grass... and attempting to eat it.

Lydia also liked eating at Tucanos, where we went the next day to celebrate the test being over with.

And on an unrelated note:

Lydia found the controller to Guitar Hero and Tyler was so excited, he made me take a picture.


Eddie and Amber said...

YAY for the MCAT to be over. I'm sure he did great and can't wait to hear where your going.

Britt said...

Congrats Tyler! I'm sure you're relieved to have that over with. Is that pic of Lydia with the guitar just a preview of what's to come? ;)

Becky said...

so she follows in the footsteps of her dad:) congrats on getting the test over with too!