Scheduled Baby-Havin' Time

Monday, September 13, 2010

 **Note: Sorry for the influx of RSS articles.  We temporarily un-privatized our blog and the result has been about 30 posts or so in people's readers.  Sorry about that.**

Meagan went to the hospital today for a standard non-stress test, just to make sure the baby is doing all right. The baby passed all the tests with no problems, but upon taking an ultrasound, the doctor found that Meagan's placenta had started to calcify and her amniotic level (which is supposed to be over 10) is at 3.

That's no good.

The baby's strong reactions to the tests indicate there's no harm to her yet, but the doctor says that if we wait much longer, things aren't going to be good. As such, we've scheduled a c-section for tomorrow, September 14, at 12:00.

We're a bit bummed as Meagan has been trying really hard to avoid another c-section, but there simply isn't a choice on this one. If conditions get any worse, the baby will be getting less oxygen and nutrients and damages will occur. A natural birth simply wasn't in the cards. Still, there's a sense of relief that comes with this. No more waiting! We know when it's all going down.

Also, several people have asked if I'll be doing a blog detailing this baby's birth. The answer now, I guess, is probably not. With any luck, there won't be much of a story to relate. We're going to the hospital tomorrow at ten for a pretty routine procedure. The last thing we want is a story. As such, I guess you can just check back tomorrow afternoon for pictures.

Thanks to the family and friends who have been supportive up to this point. We appreciate your continued prayers. I'll post any news as it comes, but we'll mostly just look forward to showing off our new baby tomorrow afternoon.


Britt said...

Best of luck with everything tomorrow! Can't wait to "meet" the new one.

Kate said...

All involved will be in our prayers. Good luck!

Logan said...

I for one am glad you temporary un-privatized your blog, because I am normally too lazy to log in and check them out. I've enjoyed my blast of Severson adventures. I also share your hate for the city of Kearney, although for me, it reminds me of short people that smell like cabbage.

Best of luck with the little one on her way. I pray that all will go well.

My wife and I are expecting our first daughter in the next couple of weeks...

A quick note on Lydia. I LOVE her name. I tried to get my wife to agree to name our girl Lydia. She wouldn't, due to the negative connotation from Pride & Prejudice. Too bad.

Tianna said...

Congrats! She's adorable. And I love the name. Good luck with recovery and all that. Congrats, again!