First Post of the New Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year from the Seversons!

To celebrate the new year, Meagan had her first real pregnancy hormonal freak-out. It was pretty awesome.

The lovely lady was trying to get an ice cube for a cup of root beer, but managed to pull both ice trays out of the freezer, spilling ice all over the floor. Despite the fact that she knew it was absolutely ludicrous, she started to cry. I stepped over to hug her, calming her down for a minute. She went back to get one cube and put it in her cup, but the cup fell over and that one ice cube fell onto the floor. The crying began once more, mingled with laughter. Hers and mine.

Christmas was good. We went back to Arkansas, and got stuck there for many, many days. United Airlines decided that flying was not, in fact, their business, and as such they canceled two of our flights. It was stressful to deal with the airline, but it was really nice to be able to have a few extra days with the family.

Since returning, we've been preparing for the upcoming semester. Meagan will be returning to school and is thrilled to learn how to pronounce totalitarianism. I'll be learning business and bio, chemistry and information systems. Such a strange mixture.