Second Trimester Ahoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, I've finally reached what is apparently known as the easiest of the three trimesters. At week fourteen, all of my queasy symptoms and food aversions are gone. It's great. I am also starting to show now. Yesterday I went and bought a bunch of basic maternity clothes and was suprised at how cute a lot of them were. The jeans I bought were just as cute as most of the regular kind I can find. Both Tyler and I are excited because in a few weeks we get to find out the gender. Most everyone is hoping for a girl, but we'll see. I was looking online today and found out that I will be able to feel the baby moving in a few weeks. That's something I haven't really given much thought to but I think that I am going to start looking forward to it. We'll try to post a picture of how I look soon (just a little bit showing).


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I had a dream last night that you had a boy and couldn't decide if you should name him Aaryn or Xander. He was a month old when you finally decided on Xander. Weird, huh?