My Rodent Vinnie

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The first subject of this blog comes as a question:

Is it femmy to watch some parts of the performance of "Seal on Ice" featuring Kristi Yamaguchi?

As the man who rewound "Kiss From A Rose" no less than four times, I submit that it is not.

Moving on.

The Severson family, as some of you may have heard, has a new addition. He's adorable, but a bit pesky, like many family members. He's bold and intelligent. And we've tried to kill him twice now.

We have a mouse. But this mouse is not ordinary. No, this mouse has some real chutzpah. The other day while I was sitting on the couch, he runs out across the living room. In broad day light. I think if he had fingers, his middle one would have been extended. I realized that this was odd, so I went to check the trap we had set for him. I found it still loaded, but licked perfectly clean. That's the second trap he did that to, thought I. Though no one was there but my rodent nemesis and I, I spoke aloud, "That was gutsy." I think he understood me, for later he made another living room appearance. But this time he stepped it up a notch. He climbed up the back of the loveseat and sat poised atop it, his wide black eyes staring at me. It was as though he was trying to demonstrate his lack of fear for me.

One must respect such a fearless opponent.

Unfortunately, he ate into one of my bags of flour. Thus...I want him out. And so we embark on mousetrap mark three, trying the harmless Mice Cube. This one lures him inside and slams the door behind him, leaving him alive in the tube. I don't think I could handle killing a mouse such as this one. I'm actually campaigning right now to adopt him and name him Vinnie, but this may turn out to be in vain. Only time can tell. If Vinnie cannot be mine, then we will take him far away to the canyon where he can roam free.

That is, of course, assuming that he doesn't manage to steal the cube and make it into some private mouse jacuzzi.

Right now...all bets are off.


Meagan said...

Tyler, I'm sorry, but when I came out of the bathroom and saw that you had ice-skating on, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and figured it was what was on when a show ended. I never in a thousand years figured you had deliberately turned it on. I vote that it's femmy.

And no, you can't keep the mouse.