Chandler Family Reunion

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the middle of August we had the opportunity to attend Tyler's family reunion on his mother's side. They rented a large house in Park City and we spent the week doing lots of fun activities. The first day we went to Seven Peaks Water Park. It just so happened that that day was our third anniversary. Yay for being married for 3 years! It also happened to be our best anniversary yet (our first we were in different states, and our second was only 2 weeks after Lydia was born). The next day we went to Snowbird and rode the alpine slides and ziplines and ski lifts. The day after that we went to a lake and rode on Jetskis. On the last day we took pictures. Needless to say, it was a very active and tiring week, but also a very fun one.

I was pretty concerned going in about how Lydia would do. She doesn't have the best track record with either strangers or significant changes to her schedule, but she did very well. She liked hanging out with all of her aunts and uncles, and even met her Uncle Michael for the first time.

As always, here are a few pictures of the experience (some are borrowed from Facebook. Thanks Courtney!):

The first one was taken on the way to the waterpark. It was cold where we were staying in Park City that morning.

Lydia was very very nervous at the waterpark. I think there was just too much noise and the water was too cold for her. After she "played" for a little in the water, I let her regroup in her stroller with her blanket and a towel over the stroller to make her own little room. She seemed grateful.

Lydia didn't much like family pictures.