Stacking cups and walking

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, it's official. Lydia took her first step last week. She was standing by the couch and just took a step away from it. Since then, she's been doing better and better. We practice several times a day. I will stand her up in the middle of the living room and sit a few feet away. Then I'll say "Can you walk?" and she'll take a few little steps. And by little I mean little. Like maybe a half inch each step. She sort of looks like those fainting goats, you know, the ones whose knees go stiff when they get nervous? I figure she'll learn to bend her knees as she practices a little more.

She's also been playing with her stacking cups lately. She has two in particular that she really likes. The problem is, they make her very frustrated. She tries to put one inside the other, but she'll do it backwards and the bigger one just doesn't fit. This makes her very angry and she'll usually throw one. I've tried explaining about big and little, etc, but she's not quite there yet. It's good to see her trying though!