Everything else

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This post is for everything else that happened in the last month or so.

First: Tyler had his first medical school interview. It was with Vanderbilt, which is the top ranked school we applied to. He felt like it went very well, and we already have 3 more scheduled over then next month or two. We both got a very good vibe from Vanderbilt (in Nashville, TN) and if it weren't more expensive than Baylor, we'd probably make it our number one choice.

Second: Soon after the family reunion, while Tyler was at Vanderbilt, Lydia and I went on a camping trip with our good friend Sis. Olive. She found a beautiful camping spot in the mountains, right next to a mountain stream. Unfortunately, Lydia hated camping. She refused to go to sleep, and then when she was asleep, I was worried about her being too cold (it was in the 40s that night). Then she woke up around 3 a.m. and just cried for about an hour until I finally let her sleep on the air mattress with me, both for comfort and warmth. This proved difficult, though, because I couldn't move for fear of waking her up. It was fun seeing my mom and sister, though, and I'm glad we went.

Third: Lydia's been crawling since right around her first birthday. Better late than never! About a week or two after that, she started pulling herself up to the couch, and a week after that she could stand all by herself. Now she can even stand up in the middle of the floor without holding on to anything! It's only a matter of time before she starts walking. I'm glad to see that she's catching up to where she's supposed to be. We were worried about her there for a little while.

Forth: Tyler celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday! He was sad because The Beatles remastered collection came out, as well as Beatles Rock Band, and he couldn't get them. Ah well, he's happy about his new rubber spatula and whisks! Also, I made him his best cake yet! Well, at least his prettiest.