The Bloggings of a Lonely Young Gentleman

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First off, I don't know if it really is a word or not, but "bloggings" as a noun is now my new favorite word.

It can also be abbreviated to "bloggins" say I? For those unsure of pronounciation, it rhymes with "Loggins," but not "Messina."

Apparently my sense of humor dies at night.

I'm writing this at 4:22 AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I think my bishop usually gets up around this time. Maybe I'll call him and say hey.

So, as it turns out, Meagan brings order to my life. She's been in Amarillo for the last few days (and she took Lyddie with her, which has been strange of itself. More on that later) and in those few days, I have not only done virtually nothing in the way of homework or housework (and only the essentials of personal hygiene. I think I've worn the same shirt for about four days by now, but it's OK because it's stylish and I am a dapper fellow), but I've spent HOURS AND HOURS not doing it. Seriously, I got about eight or nine hours of sleep on Wednesday and Thursday night COMBINED. Then, of course, my body decided to take matters into its own hands and I slept eleven hours on Friday night. The unfortunate part is that those eleven hours didn't start until 4:00 AM, so I woke up around 3:00 PM.

This, ladies and gentlemen, explains my presence at this moment. I've only been awake for 13 hours or so. starts in four hours exactly. Awesome. 

It's interesting to reflect upon how much I've come to need Meagan in my life. No, she's not my maid or my nagging conscience. Heck, when she's here, I'm really quite self-driven. But when she's gone, it's like my sense of purpose goes with her. I become hobo-like. In fact, I plan to spend a good part of Monday playing guitar on the corner and actively creating BO.

I suppose that it's times like these that make me realize how good I have it in life. Sure, we're dirt poor and will likely remain so for at least the next ten years. Sure, we don't have a clue on most of the things we're doing in life (specifically, parenthood). But Meagan and I make a good team that can take on what we're thrown. We complement each other in such seemingly miniscule ways that make all the difference. She inspires and uplifts me to heights I am quite convinced I could not reach on my own. We're climbing seemingly endless mountains together, but I've got her rope, and she's got mine. 

And Lyddie. Oh, little girl, I miss you. I just watched the videos from Meagan's last post and they made me really happy and really sad. While I'm still really struggling with the idea (much less the practice) of fatherhood, I miss my baby girl. Even though my sleep is much more undisturbed, my hands much less slobbery, and my changing table much less pooped upon, I miss her presence. I haven't gotten to sing "Bird Stealing Bread" in days now, and I miss it (the song, by the way, is by Iron and Wine, and despite its rather sad lyrics, is a beautiful lullaby that she seems to take to. You can hear it here, just ignore the emo, they broke up, how sad :-(. Anyway, judge me if you will, but my girl will have great musical taste). 

Well, they get back on Monday afternoon. There will be feasting and dancing.

In the meantime, I guess I should try to sleep a bit. You know, three hours or so. 

Dang, I'm dumb.