Further Bloggings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's now 5:53 AM.

A few counts for you since Meagan has been gone: 

Number of shirts worn this week: 2

Number of meals involving pasta: 5 (interestingly enough, this is the same amount of meals that have involved cheese. It's disturbing that I equate eating a block of cheese with some sort of bachelor paradise)

Times I have left the toilet seat up because I can: 0 (I am a creature of habit...courteous habit)

Nights I have gone to bed before 2:00 AM: 0

Hours of sleep I will get tonight: Decreasing by the minute...looking like zero at this point

Ratio of pants to no-pants time: about 1:2 (for every 8 hours with, that's 16 without! Huzzah!)

Grandmothers disturbed by the latest count: 3 (including Meagan's grandma. Hi grandmas!)

Homeworks done: Enough, thank you very much.


Dustin and/or Aimee said...

Congrats on your newest family member, she is beautiful. I saw your blog through the Barfields. Hope you are all doing well. I would love to invite you to see our blog, I need your email address (which you can send to aimeesoelberg@gmail.com) and then you can read it.